Reviews, Auditing and Workplace Inspections

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WORKPLACE review and Audit Reports

Our workplace review and audit reporting services provide a friendly, practical approach to comprehensively assessing your workplace in it's current state. The report provides a balanced view of the way your health and safety is currently being implemented. Each review report must withstand the scrutiny of WorkSafe NZ.  When your health and safety system is working well, we will ensure that our report reflects this.  Our report will provide you with an accurate gauge of how well you are implementing the requirements of Act into your workplace.  It also provides you with a record that demonstrates your commitment to continual improvement.

property inspection reports and site risk assessments

Did you know that property management companies and body corporates all have a responsibility to identify risks in common areas under their control which may impact on tenants. We offer risk assessments/inspections following a custom designed format specifically for this purpose which is backed up with a summary report complete with photos of any areas of concern.

ANNUAL Review report 

An annual review report is a service we recommend for all PBCU's. Similar to an audit, our assessment of your safety system will measure the effectiveness and provide you with surety that you are meeting minimum compliance requirements.  

Our review involves a visit to your workplace and the production of a comprehensive report including recommendations and suggestions on how you may need to improve. When you are successful at implementing your system, we ensure that our report reflects this.

Our reports provide you with an accurate gauge of how well you are implementing health and safety into your business.  It also provides a record which demonstrates a level of commitment to continual improvement.

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