H&S For SME’s

Health & safety consultation for NZ small & medium enterprises.

Custom Packages

Tailor made safety packages deigned for all types of small and medium sized business.

Our client base reflects a wide and diverse range of business sectors. Whether you are a low risk office based, property, insurance or retail professional or in a higher risk industry such as warehousing, a trade, working on site, working in or around agriculture, technical services, manufacturing, health care or the recreation industry, our expertise enables us to relate to and identify with the risks you encounter on a daily basis.


Easily Managed Templates

Just as importantly we understand how small and medium sized businesses operate in terms of being able to allocate staff resource to the management of health and safety. Safety plans designed by us recognise this. We design them specifically for your situation.  While there are some components which need to be done on a regular basis, in order to simplify this process, we keep the recording or paperwork to a manageable level.

We are able to provide you with a range of services including the design of your specific safety manual, safety induction training for your staff, one on one instruction to the business owner and safety officer in the use of the safety system plus a range of other options relating to the management and application of the system. We provide advice for boards, and directors.

The safety plan we will provide you with is not a template requiring additional input from you to ensure your needs are being met. Because we take the time to review the development of it with you our safety plan is specific to your situation.

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