Misconceptions about Safety in Businesses

A Fire Evacuation Plan is all I need.

A Fire Evacuation Plan forms part of a Safety System. It must comply with Fire Service requirements and be tested regularly. It is only one of six essential elements of a Safety System.

I don’t need a Safety System. My business is not rated as high risk.

All employers are required by law to comply. The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 clearly sets out your responsibilities. The level of risk is not a factor.

Even so, the chances of a WorkSafe NZ inspection are remote

WorkSafe NZ are actively engaged in a workplace inspection program designed to improve workplace Health and Safety. They will ultimately visit most workplaces at least once and where they find areas on non compliance an improvement notice is usually issued

I’ve never had a work related accident and I’m not likely to


But if you do, you may face prosecution. Prevention is better than cure. A good Safety System will go a long way towards reducing your level of exposure.
WorkSafe New Zealand is far less likely today to penalise those employers who can show that they are committed to continuous improvement in workplace Health and Safety. My experience investigating accidents over the last twelve months shows that if an employer has a good documentary system in place and is using it, in general they have little to fear from a WorkSafe New Zealand investigation

The six essential elements of a Safety System are:

A safety manual that contains a policy statement outlining your commitment to workplace Health & Safety
An Accident Register
A Hazard Register
An Emergency Management Plan
Training Records
Contractor induction