Working with Contractors / On-Site Documentation

The last few years have seen a rapid growth in the requirement for contractors to complete a documented risk assessment of onsite hazards. The length  and complexity of these records varies depending on a client’s requirements and the complexity of the work being completed. Often a SSSP (Site Specific Safety Plan) is also required. This is a separate document which identifies site hazard risk assessment and controls specific to a particular site.

Health and Safety Systems offers a range of easy to use on site risk assessment documentation which can be custom designed or provided as a blank template:

  • Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)

  • Pre Start Toolbox Forms

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

  • Site Inspection Checklist

  • Task Analysis (TA)

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Contact us for custom designed or fully completed site risk assessment documentation


Contractor Pre-qualification Process Support

Prequalification Process Support

Contractor Prequalification Support

Contractor Certifications such as SiteWise, PreQual and SHE have become a critical business requirement for many trades and businesses in order to secure contracted work with many large organisations. For many business operators, including sole traders, this process can be time consuming and confusing. Health and Safety Systems offers support to businesses to attain results easily, with the maximum amount of support and minimum amount of stressWith our guidance and experience we can help you achieve the pass rates required.

Health and Safety Systems can help you with:

  • A detailed review of your documentation and gap analysis of what additional evidence is required

  • Provision of template forms as required for completion

  • Assistance with loading evidence onto the prequalification system

  • Post evaluation support with the prequalification organisation in the event of any issues

We only charge you for the time we spend helping you and the documents we provide.

Contact us for assistance with your Contractor Prequalification Application.     

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