Health and Safety Support in the Workplace — Hazard Identification

ON - SITE Hazard Identification

Hazard Identification and risk assessment is a vital part of the workplace safety process. We offer an On Site Hazard Identification Service for those employers who don’t have the time, expertise or knowledge to undertake and document the process. We cover a broad range of industries including:

  • Farming

  • Construction / Demolition

  • Retail / Commercial

  • Manufacturing

  • Forestry

  • Engineering

  • Hospitality

  • Winery / Vineyards

  • Pre-Schools / Aged Care Facilities

  • Automotive

We can visit your workplace to:

  • Identify hazards

  • Enter them in to a risk register

  • Assess the level of risk each hazard poses

  • Assist with advice on how to eliminate risks where possible

  • Assist with practical advice on how to reduce/manage the level of risk by suggesting control measures/actions.

Contact us to arrange an On Site Hazard Identification Assessment.


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