Hazard Identification

Hazard identification is a vital part of the workplace safety process.

We offer a Hazard Identification service for those employers who don’t have the time, expertise or knowledge to undertake and document the process.

We can simplify things for you with a package that identifies hazards, enters them in a Hazard Register, assesses the level of risk they pose and suggests ways of controlling them.

The basics of the Hazard Identification process are listed here for your information.



Walk around your workplace
Identify actual and potential hazards
Ask yourself “what if……..?”
List the hazards

Risk Assessment

Hazards are classified as Significant, Medium or Low risks

Significant Hazards – Ask yourself “Does this have the potential to kill or permanently disable someone?”
Medium Risk Hazards – Ask yourself “Does this have the potential to cause a serious injury or illness that will temporarily disable someone?”
Low Risk Hazards Ask Yourself “Does this have the potential to cause a minor injury that would not disable someone?”


Hazards must be controlled by Eliminating or Minimising

List the hazards in your Hazard Register
Decide whether they are Significant, Medium or Low risks and decide how you will control them
The higher the risk, the more extensive the control measures need to be
Decide whether you can Eliminate the hazards in the first instance or Minimise the hazards and who will be responsible to do this
Advise all staff of the hazards and what you are doing about them


Hazards need to be monitored to ensure your control measures are effective.
Specify a timeframe to do this – Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.

New Hazards

Encourage the reporting of new hazards and apply the same process to them as they arise.