Health and Safety Systems

All systems are individually designed for the specific needs of your business. We will provide a personalised system designed to suit your unique individual requirements. The systems we design are based on the principle of keeping things simple and user friendly. At the same time they meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.  It is worth noting that WorkSafe New Zealand have achieved heavy fines (in court) for non-compliance with the Act when injury accidents have occurred.A good safety system will help reduce the likelihood of accident and will help you demonstrate that you are doing your best to take all practicable steps to make your workplace safe.

ACC has discontinued its levy discount schemes with effect from the 31st October 2016. In effect this means that application will now not be possible.There are other incentive schemes under consideration but to date we do not have any substantive information of what these will be or what form they will take.

All systems that we design include:

  • A comprehensive safety policy and safety manual
  • Accident and risk registers
  • Contractor safety induction forms
  • Hazard identification, assessment, control and monitoring forms
  • Evacuation and emergency procedures
  • An Evacuation Scheme if required
  • Rehabilitation and injury management plan if required
  • Training for managers and safety officers in the use of the system