Health and Safety Training

Training and the commitment to ongoing improvement in the field of Health and Safety form an integral part of any robust safety system.
Following the principal of keeping things simple, the training we offer is conducted on an informal one on one basis or presented as a group participation format and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our training covers the changes brought about by the Health and safety at Work Act 2015 plus hazard and risk assessment and also the accident investigation process. Theses sessions typically are about two hours long.

Hazard and Risk assessment includes:

  • What the Act requires
  • How to identify, assess and control hazards
  • The reporting process

Accident investigation Includes:

  • Why it is so important
  • What you need
  • The accident reporting process
  • WorkSafe NZ requirements
  • The Accident Register
  • How to investigate
  • Rehabilitation
  • The near miss or near hit

Here is the feedback received from Rozeta Walkerden owner of a company called Bubbling With Energy. Rozetas company hires bouncy castles and all manner of childrens entertainment including sumo suits. Here’s what she had to say:

“Though I had spent considerable time, over a period of days, delving though the DOL website for information that might be pertinent to our business, still I found the information you provided in your seminar relevant and interesting from start to finish.
I learned much, and in particular your use of examples of things that have occurred in the past gave me a very clear perspective of “how we should be recording”, for which I am very grateful.
Thanks too for providing and allowing us to copy and use a number of our recording forms”.