The helmet rule is now extended to side by sides.

WorkSafe NZ have released a publication called - Use the right farm vehicle

It covers the safe use of all vehicles used on farms. It focuses on choosing the right vehicle for the job. 

The publication covers the safe use of (a) - quad bikes, (b) - two wheel motorbikes, (c) - tractors, and (d) - side by side vehicles.

The helmet rule which has previously only been applied to two wheeler’s and quads, is now extended to side by side vehicles. 

In summary, no matter what the vehicle, if there is a seat belt fitted it should be worn. 

And a helmet is required when riding a two wheel motorbike, a quad and also now when driving a side by side. 

So now it doesn’t matter what the salesperson says when you are buying a side by side or even what your own personal view is, WorkSafe NZ have made it clear that a helmet must now be worn and so must a seat belt.

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