How do you know if your business complies with the HSWA 2015?

Are you committed to the prevention of injury and illness in the workplace by ensuring that you develop and maintain a healthy and safe work place?

Are you able to say that your workplace culture is one of preventing accidents, incidents and illnesses?

While all PCBU's must be able to recognize their legal duty to ensure the health and safety of workers (including volunteer workers) and non workers in their workplace, perhaps we all need to consider achieving higher standards than the minimum stipulated by legislation. 

It's important that as a PCBU, you seek to achieve the following in order to demonstrate provision for and maintenance of the workplace with adequate facilities for the welfare of all workers: 

  • A consultative process between management and employees on matters affecting workers health and safety
  • Providing and maintaining safe equipment
  • Monitoring the safe use, handling storage and transport of equipment and substances
  • Providing information, training and supervision to enable everyone to work in a safe manner
  • Maintaining records relating to all matters relating to workers health and safety.