Organisational Management & Admin

Effectively managing Health and Safety in your workplace can be a time consuming exercise.

Meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 may consume more time than you can afford to allocate. Your Safety Officer probably fills this role in addition to his or her job. Unless this role is a full time one, it may not be possible to devote as much time to it, as is desirable.

We offer a Management and Administrative Service that efficiently organises and operates your Health and Safety System for you. You are consulted in all aspects and provided with regular updates and progress reports. It includes regular liaison with the Safety Officer providing direction and guidance on all Health & Safety related issues. It offers ongoing review of your system at predetermined intervals providing you with reports that accurately reflect the effectiveness of Health and Safety practices in your workplace. We are available to present these reports at your board meetings if required.

The Management and Administrative Service that we offer will identify and provide any training needs on an ongoing basis. we are also able to offer assistance in the management of your Fire Evacuation Plan to ensure it remains compliant with Fire Service requirements by organising and conducting regular trial evacuations. This Service is a low cost option and leaves you free to concentrate on your business without the worry of Health and Safety compliance.