Our Company

Health and Safety Systems Ltd is a consultancy advising on all things related to health and safety at work including compliance auditing. We work across the whole of New Zealand. 

Primarily we help you with planning your health and safety by evaluating your business and the responsibility and commitment to health and safety.  Solving problems is a big part of how we operate and some concerns will need an inventive and resourceful approach.  We recognize that because each business is unique, that one size does not fit all.  This is why we take pride in the design of safety management plans which are specific to your individual business needs. We devote time to developing a plan which will be specific for you and support you every step of the way. 

We provide the necessary tools to make sure that you are meeting the demands of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 without swamping you with unnecessary paperwork. While there is some paperwork to do, we take pride in the way we set it up, making the process of completing it straight forward.

We offer a range of solutions to help make improvements to any existing health and safety. We will come to your workplace to assist you with paperwork, training and development, meetings, documenting safe working procedures and completing site inspections.  We provide advice on how to meet your obligations.

We recommend the completion of regular annual reviews.  A review is essentially a measure and evaluation of your continuous improvement principle.  We want to give you the surety that you are on track.  By meeting up with you on site at your business, the opportunity exists to discuss any concerns.