We help applicants easily acheive a 75%+ SiteWise Pass.

Below are the latest results we helped our clients achieve

Contractor Certifications such as Sitewise, Prequal and SHE have become a critical business requirement for many trades and businesses in order to ensure continuity of contracted work for large industry groups and organisations. For many business operators including sole traders this can mean significant changes to improve processes and understand how to provide the evidence being asked for as part of the application.

Our intention is to enable our clients to attain the results easily, with the maximum amount of humour and minimum amount of stress.

With our guidance and experience we can help you achieve the minimum 75% pass rate.  Our record speaks for itself with our clients achieving 96%, 86%, 86%, 81% and 88% in the last month alone.

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There are a number of contractor pre-qualification schemes in place. They all require essential items to be met before your entry into the scheme is able to be accepted. We understand that this can seem overwhelming.

A Sitewise pass rate can only be achieved by supplying all supporting documentation online.  Once you are accepted into the scheme you become registered as an approved contractor and you will be eligible for work with the organisations that have adopted the scheme, e.g local councils, Ecan, Ngai Tahu.

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