Custom Design Plans Technical Support

Technical Support for Clients with Custom Designed Plans

WorkSafe’s website contains many Industry Standards, Codes of Practice, Safe Work Instruments and Good Practice Guidelines. There is an expectation by WorkSafe that all businesses are conducting research themselves and are able to be identify all information that applies to their particular industry sector. It is then up to the business to ensure their practical compliance in accordance with the requirements.

Health and Safety Systems understands that many businesses may not have the time or resources available to devote to researching, interpreting and also applying these standards to their operation.

Health and Safety Systems offers clients with our custom designed plans the option of subscribing to our technical support service.
This fee covers:

  • Access to professional advice on workplace health and safety

  • Email or telephone support on how to manage day to day operational health and safety requirements (reasonable use terms apply)

  • Critical review and monitoring of WorkSafe updates and Safety Alerts

  • Comprehensive analysis and overview of new guidelines and standards as they come to hand

  • Determining how changes in safety requirements may affect you

Contact us to subscribe to our Technical Support Fee service.