We help NZ businesses pass WorkSafe inspections , comply with breach notices and train staff to exceed industry best practises.

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WorkSafe NZ is the New Zealand Government Organisation which administers and enforces the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015.  There is a nationwide team of WorkSafe Inspectors who are actively engaged in work place safety assessments, inspections and accident investigations.

Often WorkSafe will call in advance to arrange an inspection of premises with the management of the business. Any work place assessment or inspection conducted by WorkSafe may result in – Verbal Direction, a Compliance Letter, an Improvement Notice, or a Prohibition Notice being issued to the business owner or to individuals.

These types of notices are issued when existing matters of non-compliance are observed or perceived to be in breach by an inspector. This may include any breach when a business fails to meet certain industry standards such as Codes of Practice or Best Practice Guidelines.  These notices can also be issued when there is an obvious failing by a company to comply with regulations.

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When notices are issued with the purpose of addressing the health and safety concern, they often have strict timeframes attached to them.  This can prove to be a difficult and challenging time for businesses.  

While WorkSafe’s website contains the Industry Standards, there is an expectation by WorkSafe that all businesses are capable of researching this information themselves and are also able to be familiar with all that applies to their particular industry sector.  It is then up to the business to ensure that these standards are being applied to their entity, in accordance to the guidance laid out in these documents.

Health and Safety Systems understands that many businesses may not have the time and resource to devote to researching, interpreting and also applying these standards to their operation, we help our clients do all of this.


Our professional level of expertise enables us to support our clients by interpreting the Codes of Practise and Best Practice Guidelines, particular to their industry, as well as the implications of any notice of failing to comply, or breach of regulations.  We offer interpretation of the relevant standards by applying practical solutions and assist our clients to resolve these matters.   

We at Health and Safety Systems are able to provide our clients with expert advice prior to and during any assessments of premises, and workplace inspection intended to be carried out by WorkSafe.  We aim to support our clients to maintain business operatives while ensuring they meet their health and safety obligations. 

Health and Safety Systems are also available to provide expert support and guidance 24/7  to clients when WorkSafe are conducting any accident investigation.