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Health and Safety Manuals

Our plans, manuals and other products are individually designed to meet the requirements of your business. We will provide you with a system designed specifically to meet your individual business needs. Our designs are easy to understand and simple to use.  We offer instruction and training for directors, managers and safety officers in the use of our product.


Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment are critical components to any workplace safety process. 

We can simplify this exercise for you by assisting you to identify your workplace hazards, help to document it and develop your Risk Register by assessing the level of risk the hazards pose and recommending ways of controlling them.

Safety Auditing

It is recommended practice that your Safety System be audited regularly to assess its overall effectiveness in your business.

An Annual Audit will establish how well any current Safety System serves your needs. An annual audit provides a balanced view of the way in which your system is working, including if your system is work well. It will reflect the effectiveness of your health and safety practices.


Contractors & On Site

Contractors are required to have their own individual Health and Safety plans.  Often a SSSP (Site Specific Safety Plan) may also be required.  This is a separate document which identifies site hazard risk assessment and controls specific to a particular site.

75% + Grade For SiteWise

Sitewise requires a 75% pass rate and this can only be achieved by supplying all the supporting documentation on-line. When you achieve over 75% you become registered as an approved contractor and you will be eligible for work with the organisations that have adopted the scheme, e.g local councils, Ecan, Ngai Tahu.

Our expertise and knowledge has allowed us to assist many clients and businesses with the Sitewise application and to regularly achieve results in the high 80% range for them.

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Training is an integral part of our robust safety system. We offer instruction and training for everyone including directors, managers, safety officers, workers, contractors and other staff including volunteers. We offer worker induction training alongside our manuals.