Are you confused by health & safety?
Are you overwhelmed by paperwork?

Is it all just too complicated....?

As a business you live with health and safety every day but we deal with it every day. 


We offer a range of solutions to your health and safety concerns and requirements. Our health and safety support can be tailored depending on how much involvement you want or need from us. We can be at your workplace regularly to assist with paperwork, training, development of standard operating procedures and completing site inspections or we can adopt a hands-off approach and simply stay in touch every 6 months by phone or email to check on how you are doing. We like to stay in touch to help you achieve your health and safety goals.

Health and Safety Plans

We design safety management plans that are specific to an individual business. This means that we devote the time and effort to develop a plan that fits for you. We don’t swamp you with lots of paperwork either but we do provide the necessary tools to make sure that you are meeting the demands of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. There is some paperwork to do but the way we set it up makes the process of completing it simple.


Audits and inspections by an independent company are a great way to gauge how well your health and safety practices are being implemented on a day to day basis. Our audits are not a "tick box" exercise.  We believe that an audit should document the good stuff, help identify gaps and help you improve. Our experienced auditors take a friendly approach to their work and are happy to offer input and practical solutions to improving your health and safety practices.


  • Leadership Training
  • Worker Safety Induction Training
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment Training
  • Custom Designed Training

Pre Qualification Process Support

  • SiteWise application support
  • PreQual application support
  • SHE application support
  • Contractor Questionnaire assistance 


  • Contractor Health and Safety Assessment
  • Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Job Safety Analysis / Task Analysis
  • Safe Work Method Statement